EMDR Basic Trainings

    • Basic EMDR training provides a foundation in the methodology of EMDR psychotherapy.
    • Basic training consists of 20 hours of lecture, 20 hours of practicum, and 10 hours of consultation (50 hours total). Usually the trainings are conducted over two 3-day weekends with the consultation spread out after part one and after part two. Occasionally, trainers offer a 5-day intensive training.
    • These trainings are open to licensed clinicians, post-masters registered interns, and masters level students in practicum. Trauma Recovery/HAP has additional requirements. Check their website to determine if you are eligible before registering for one of their trainings.
    • This page lists EMDRIA approved EMDR Basic Trainings in the greater Orlando / Central Florida area. There are a variety of EMDR trainings in central Florida throughout the year, so check back frequently!

Orlando-Area EMDRIA Approved Basic Training Providers

  • EMDR Counseling Associates, Orange City; Lynda Ruf, Ed.S, LMHC, LMFT,  trainer. www.emdrtherapyvolusia.com. Intimate training of 10.
  • Connect EMDR Training  –  Trainings offered in various sites in central Florida. Regina Morrow Robinson, Ed.S., LMHC, LMFT & Claire Mauer, M.A., LMHC are co-trainers. Click for more information or to register.

Variables to consider in selecting your training:

  • Do the dates work for you?
  • Does the size of the training matter to you?
  • Is the location comfortable for you?
  • Is the cost reasonable for you?
  • Do you already have a connection with the training team you wish to grow?
  • Do you perfer to have the 10 hours of consultation included in the training experience ow would you prefer to select your own consultant and arrange consultation on you terms?