Tips for Creating a Good Directory Entry

Here’s some tips to help you create a good directory entry
on the website.

  1. This directory is for psychotherapists trained in EMDR therapy.
  2. Therapists assume ethical responsibility for the accuracy of their enteries.
  3. Target audience is potential clients as well as therapists seeking to make appropriate referrals.
  4. Create a “Login” at the bottom right hand of any page on the site. This will allow you to create or edit your directory entry. Your email address MUST be your user name.
  5. Once logged in, choose “Create” or “Edit” “My Directory Entry” from the bottom of the right sidebar. The fields which appear when you create your user name are NOT the Therapist Directory and informaiton entered there will not be public.
  6. All information is public, so use work address, phone, email, etc.
  7. Under “Categories,” check all that apply.
  8. For consistency sake, use the “Bio” rather than the “Notes” field to tell something about yourself.
  9. In the “Bio” field, feel free to mention non-EMDR modalities, interests, and activities. Whatever you want referring therapists or potential clients to know about you.
  10. Please put a link on your website to Links into and out of our sites help search engines find us more easily.
  11. Please review the profile every six months. Profiles which have been inactive for one year or more will be deleted.
  12. The GOEMDRIAN Steering Committee reserves the right to remove entries if ethical or legal violations occur.

If you run into any difficulties, contact Bill Brislin,, for assistance.