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Some articles from the July 2018 GO-EMDRIAN newsletter are presented below.

Annual EMDRIA Conference Coming in October

October 4-7, 2018
CEU’s and EMDRIA Credits available

By Marina Lombardo

This year, the Annual EMDRIA Conference will be held in Atlanta, Georgia from October 4 through October 7.

The theme for 2018, “EMDR Therapy: Meeting the Challengers in Today’s World,” promises to host high caliber presenters exploring issues relevant to the current challenges of our ever-changing society.

For those who are not able to travel, the Conference will be available online where it will be possible to gain access to the most popular presenters, and interact via classroom chats with the online attendee community.

Early bird registration ends August 1, so for more information, and to make reservations, click on the following link: EMDRIA International Conference

A Call to Step Up

by Marina Lombardo

Marina Lombardo

Our GOEMDRIAN community continues to thrive only because of YOU!

The trainings, the newsletter, the website, and all the rest happens because committed clinicians give the gift of themselves. Your involvement can make all the difference. Even if you don’t have a lot of time, a small contribution can make a BIG difference. Plus, you get to connect with some pretty awesome people! Right now, the following volunteer openings are awaiting your consideration in our GOEMDRIAN community:

GOEMDRIAN Newsletter is looking for someone to assist Mary Beth Griffis in facilitating its publications four times a year. This individual needs to have skills in writing, editing and organization. If interested, please contact Mary Beth at

The Social Media Committee is looking for individuals who have knowledge of social media to post and promote GOEMDRIAN events and accomplishments. This position offers the creative opportunity to explore and implement new marketing strategies. Interested parties can contact Mary Beth Griffis at

GOEMDRIAN Webmaster Bill Brislin is looking for a webmaster assistant. This individual needs to be a detail person who has experience working with Word Press. If interested, please contact

Education Chair, Amy Wagner, is looking for a team of people to help with this important part of the organization. Team members will collaborate and facilitate the management of CEU’s as well as lead the planning of program selections, with a goal of offering 4 trainings a year with 491 CEUs and EMDRIA CEUs. Interested parties can contact

EMDR Therapist Progressions

by Marina Lombardo

The GOEMDRIAN Community would like to acknowledge the progression of excellence by acknowledging those who have achieved EMDR milestones.

Gulnora Hundley, PhD, Winter Park, is now a Certified EMDR Therapist.

To be included in EMDR Therapist Progressions, please be sure to let us know of your EMDR-related progress so that we can celebrate your success. Just email me at

GOEMDRIAN Sponsors First EMDR Webinar

By Marina Lombardo

Marina Lombardo

GOEMDRIAN Inc. sponsored its first Webinar on June 1, 2018, with Michael Coy providing information and instruction on how to use the MID 4.0 (Multidimensional inventory of Dissociation.) This scale is a valuable tool to determine the presence of pathological dissociation, and is especially useful for EMDR clinicians who work extensively with trauma.

This “new for us” online format was very well-received, with positive reviews from 35 attendees. Special thanks to Reg Marrow and Dominique Barritt for their efforts to bring this program to GOEMDRIAN and for their hard work behind the scenes.

Qualified mental health professionals who were not able to attend can access the MID at for free.


Easy Ego State Interventions for working with Parts

By Robin Shapiro
Reviewed by Mary Jo McHaney

Mary Jo McHaney

This book is a must read for those readers who are not familiar with the idea of ego states and how to engage them in the process of therapy. And for those who utilize ego state therapy routinely, this book is a treasure trove of creative ideas to add to their toolbox. Easy to read and easy to apply, Robin Shapiro delivers on her title.

Shapiro describes Ego state therapy as a powerful, flexible therapy that helps clients integrate and reconcile the different aspects (or parts) of themselves. She normalizes the idea of “parts”, and by doing so allows for some very helpful, compassionate and creative interventions.

This book is broken down into two parts. Part I guides the reader to a greater understanding of ego states and provides some foundational interventions which should not be unfamiliar to any of us (think Calm safe place and Internal caregivers…). Then she goes into greater detail outlining ways in which we can work accessing positive states; working with infant and child states, as well as enhancing that protector part.

Part II goes deeper and offers problem specific interventions, such as working with trauma, relationship challenges, personality disorders, suicidal patients, as well as cultural, familial and abuse-related introjects. She has wonderful case presentations to demonstrate these simple-to-use interventions as well. She also provides succinct summaries at the end of each chapter.

This is the type of book that doesn’t need to be read in order. The reader can go to any specific chapter independently. But the entire book is so chock full of great interventions that one will want to savor the entire thing. This is definitely one to own!

Our Community:
Meet Jenna Burton

By Joan Lieberman

Jenna Burton, LMHC, an EMDRIA Approved Consultant, has 20 years experience in counseling, assessments, staff training and supervision. She is the owner/therapist of Mindful Hearts Institute, which she established in 2011.

Jenna’s practice focuses on complex trauma and dissociation, borderline personality features, trauma-based psychosis, schizophrenia and early crisis intervention. Jenna holds a monthly cultural competency book study for EMDR clinicians, hosts trauma workshops and self-care groups for clinicians, social workers, first responders and direct care staff, and is a provider of psycho-educational workshops for families and agencies in the community.

Jenna works with individuals of all ages and conducts group therapy and parenting education. She also provides consultation for EMDR therapists working toward EMDR Certification.

In addition to her advanced EMDR trainings, Jenna has training/certifications in DEM/Crisis Response, Play Therapy and Sand Tray techniques, Birth Centered Hypnosis Certification, Trauma-Informed Care, and Adoption Specific Training. She is also a Florida Qualified Supervisor and Co-coordinator of the Central Florida Trauma Response Network.

Contact Information:
Jenna Burton, MA, LMHC
Mindful Hearts Institute, Inc
235 S. Maitland Ave., #112
Maitland, FL 32751

Get Noticed with Our Therapist Directory

by Marina Lombardo

EMDR Therapists spend a lot of time, energy and money developing and honing skills to help others. But without visibility, no one can benefit.

The Therapist Directory is designed to change that by:

  • Helping clients find suitable therapists
  • Helping other professionals make appropriate referrals.

Take advantage of this amazing opportunity by registering with our Directory. Anyone who has completed EMDR Basic Training may post. Just go to the website, create a login, and follow the option to “Create my Directory Entry.”

Or click here to access it now.

What’s App BrainWave

by Marina Lombardo

Over a thousand 5 star reviews can’t be wrong!

Using cutting edge brain technology, Brain Wave has created a new binaural app where the listener can choose from 32 programs to feel positive and energized, sleep more soundly, focus and concentrate, or relax and be creative.

Accessible on your iPad/Phone/Pod for $4.99, you can use the included sound tracks or customize your playlist and program duration, for anywhere from 10 minutes to 8 hours.

Just go to the App store and download BrainWave: 35 Binaural Programs.

EMDR Trainings

Lynda Ruff Trainings

Do you know of someone who would like to learn EMDR in a small (6-10 participants) EMDRIA-approved basic training? Lynda Ruff in Orange City, will be providing 2 more trainings this year: September 28-30 & October 26-28, and November 9-11 & December 7-9.

This is a relaxed, have fun and learn experience. You and your practice partner have private spaces for your afternoon practice sessions.

For not-for-profit folks, interns and students in a practicum, it is $1000 total cost for both parts and the 10 hours of required consultation. For private practitioners, it is $1400. CEUs are extra.

If someone you know might be interested, private message or email Lynda Ruff at for more information.

AMHCA conference at UCF

Aug 1-2
Dissociation and Couples Aug 1. Presenter: Regina Morrow Robinson
Early EMDR Interventions Aug 3 Presenter: Regina Morrow Robinson

Connect EMDR Training and Consulting

Basic Training
EMDR Therapy Regional Institute Basic Training, including 10 hours of consultation in a small group format at Webster University in Lakeland, FL 9/14-16 and 11/9-11 Trainer: Reg Morrow Robinson

Advanced courses

  • Working with Dissociation & Complex Trauma as an EMDR Therapist 8/4/18 Abingdon, VA. Trainer:. Bill Brislin
  • EMDR Therapy and Complex Trauma in Children 9/29/18 Abingdon, VA. Trainer: Cherilyn Rowland Petrie

EMDR Institute basic training

Embassy Suites downtown Orlando part 1 11/2-4/2018 Trainer: Reg Morrow Robinson. Part 2: 4/5-7 /2019 Trainer: Mark Nickerson

At a Glance

by Mary Beth Griffis

Mary Beth Griffis

Mary Beth Griffis MA LMHC
Regional Coordinator Co-chair

The Greater Orlando EMDRIA Network (GOEMDRIAN) steering committee is working dillegnetly to create an organization that will facilitate continued growth, education, and support to our EMDR community and the clients we serve. As a “collaboration of professionals dedicated to learning, teaching, and delivering transformational healing to the local community” we have established GOEMDRIAN as a Non-profit organization. We are now Greater Orlando EMDRIA Network Incorporated in the state of Florida.

October 4 – 7th EMDRIA 2018 Conference in Atlanta. “Meeting the Challenges in Today’s World” is the theme for this years International Conference in Atlanta! So close to us! But if you are unable to attend in person you can register for much of the conference and view it online by web access. Click here for more information.

February 1 & 2, 2019: EMDR and The Treatment of Substance and Behavioral Addictions: Are you interested in addressing Addictions, including Behavioral Addictions, with EMDR? This workshop explores the use of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing in the treatment of chemical dependency and other compulsive behaviors-specifically with clients who are not yet abstinent. This treatment-focused workshop, taught by Hope Payson LCSW & LADC and Kate Becker LCSW & RYT, teaches you how to stabilize clients and desensitize addiction memory networks without triggering increased substance use or relapse.

Please make a note that we have a new venue for this training.

Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church
5300 Old Howell Branch Road
Winter Park, Florida 32792

I want to encourage everyone to visit out website at to take advantage of the opportunity to list your practice. It is a handy place for both clients and therapist to visit to gather referrals as needed.

We all benefit from the research done by the EMDR Research Foundation. The Foundation focuses on three research priorities: to increase efficacy and reliability, to improve the understand of how EMDR can be effective in clinical areas not yet studied, and to address the global burden of trauma. The EMDR Research Foundation is the only funding source solely dedicated to EMDR therapy research and is a great benefit to our EMDR community as well as the clients we serve. If you would like to support the foundation you will find them at

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