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Some articles from the January 2018 GO-EMDRIAN newsletter are presented below.


Friday, January 26

Sorry you missed the 2017 EMDRIA Annual Conference?  Well, here’s an opportunity to catch up on what you missed! The upcoming Latest and Greatest presents cutting edge information from fabulous presenters who did attend the conference. This year, the day long workshop is being held on January 26, 2018 at St. Luke’s Church in Windermere. So plan for this opportunity to learn, grow professionally, and network with your community.

Register before January 19th to earn 6 CEU’s for $55!

More information

Our Community:
Meet Dora Henderson,
EMDR Child Therapist

By Joan Lieberman

Dora Henderson

“I love kids!” admits Dora Henderson, and this passion is certainly reflected in the work she does.

Every day she travels among 21 elementary, middle and high schools in the Orange County Public School system, working full time as a district mental health counselor. And if that weren’t enough, she also has her own private practice on Friday evenings and Saturdays.

The focus of Dora’s work is children, teens and their adults, and she strives to help her clients “find their inner strength.”  As a Registered Play Therapist and Certified Sand Tray Therapist, she specializes in ADHD, grief and loss, depression, anxiety, PTSD/trauma, anger management, self esteem, oppositional defiance and mood disorders. EMDR serves a perfect complement to the work Dora does, and she is currently working towards certification with Debbie Goodwin.Dora is also a writer and an artist. She has authored two children’s books. The first, The Adventures of Sandi and Clammy, is a colorfully illustrated two-part children’s book which deals with self esteem, friendship and grief. The second is an accompanying coloring and activity book dealing with healing, recovery and self-esteem.  Although the books are geared for ages 4 and up, the story, available in both English and Spanish, is relevant for all ages.

Dora Henderson

Dora also designs kinesthetic puppets, which are then hand sewn by her mother and hand painted by her daughter, making it a family affair. Both the books and the puppets are being sold by the Self Esteem Shop at Play Therapy Conventions.




Contact information:
Dora Henderson, MA, LMHC
Registered Play Therapist Supervisor
Certified Sand Tray Therapist
A Safe Space Counseling, LLC

Insurances accepted:  Aetna, Cigna and FL Hospital insurance panels


EMDR Therapist Progressions

by Marina Lombardo

Marina Lombardo

Becoming a skilled EMDR Therapist is a journey with incredible possibilities. From certification to consulting to training, the EMDR path is rife with opportunities to hone clinical skills, develop special areas of interest and touch people’s lives in unimaginable ways.

The GOEMDRIAN community would like to acknowledge this progression of excellence by acknowledging those who have achieved EMDR  milestones.

  • Debbie Goodwin MA, LMHC, NCC, Maitland, is now an EMDR Consultant.
  • Jackie Flynn MPS, EdS, LMHC, RPT, Cocoa is now a Consultant-in Training.
  • Melanie Mahady, MS, LMHC, Boca Raton is now a Consultant-in-Training.
  • Sandra Moenssens LMFT is now a Certified EMDR Therapist.

To be included in EMDR Therapist Progressions, please be sure to let us know of your EMDR-related progress, so that we can celebrate your success.
Just email me at

Raising Your EMDR Profile

by Marina Lombardo

Increasing your impact and visibility in the EMDR community can be as easy as going on line. Our website, now has a Therapist Directory with two primary goals:
• Help clients find suitable therapists
• Help other professionals make appropriate referrals.
But you don’t get to take advantage of this opportunity unless you are logged into our directory. Anyone who has completed EMDR Basic Training may post. Just go to the website, create a login, and follow the option to “Create my Directory Entry.”   Or click here to access it now.

Another way to make a difference is to give to the EMDR Research Foundation. This is the ONLY organization that funds research for EMDR therapy.

And for those who have a website, consider creating a link to the EMDR Research Foundation on your Resources page to encourage others to donate as well.

Book Review

Childhood Disrupted: How Your Biography Becomes Your Biology and How You Can Heal, links Adverse Childhood Experiences, otherwise referred to as ACE, to adult physical illness

by Donna Jackson Nakaza

Review by Jackie Flynn

Donna Jackson Nakaza’s book, Childhood Disrupted: How Your Biography Becomes Your Biology and How You Can Heal, links Adverse Childhood Experiences, otherwise referred to as ACE, to adult physical illness.

With an in-depth explanation of ACE Study research findings, Nakaza open’s our eyes to the long-term physical impact of childhood trauma.  While not many people make it through childhood unscathed, some are seemingly serving a life sentence of mental and physical distress initiated by childhood traumas that, if left untreated, can lead to immune deficiency disorder, cancer, and a plethora of other physiological and psychological illnesses.  Through stories of case studies, she describes how people can literally “reset” their biology and begin the healing process through reprocessing their traumas.

Insights shared in Childhood Disrupted are especially helpful for EMDR clinicians, as therapeutic change surrounding dysfunctionally stored material is expedited by incorporating the Adaptive Information Processing, AIP, network into treatment.  Thus, supporting one’s capacity to heal. While somatic work is an already well-known, key component of EMDR therapy, as marked by the Body Scan in Phase 6 of the standard EMDR protocol, perspectives presented in this book provide a deeper understanding into how the past can not only become one’s present, but can also go on to become one’s future if effective reprocessing doesn’t occur.

As an EMDRIA Certified EMDR Therapist, I find this information to be informative and fascinating.  Childhood Disrupted is an important read for all mental health clinicians, regardless of their preferred therapeutic modality.

Cherilyn Rowland Petrie Honored at Awards Dinner

by Mary Jo McHaney

On October the 12, 2017, one of our own was recognized as the outstanding hero that she is.  The Federation of Families of Central Florida honored Cherilyn Rowland Petrie as one of their Women Trailblazers in Children’s Mental Health at their fifth annual Black Tie Gala.

Cherilyn’s tireless work on behalf of children struggling with trauma related to their victimization identified her as their trailblazer.  Cherilyn works full-time at Kid’s House, where she is the Clinical Supervisor of their mental health department. At Kid’s House,

Cherilyn provides therapy, as well as supervises a staff of four clinicians. Kid’s House provides a tremendous service to the local community; in 2015, Kid’s House helped 2006 children with a total of 4,365 therapy services provided. In addition, Cherilyn routinely offers study groups, presentations, and consultations on EMDR and complex child trauma cases, sharing her vast knowledge and expertise with the entire therapeutic community, touching the lives of children she will never meet.
In addition to her work with children,

Cherilyn is our local TRN coordinator extraordinaire, where she links volunteer EMDR therapists with victims and first responders to community disasters. She also volunteers countless hours as a HAP facilitator, where she facilitates Basic Trainings for community agencies and not for profits around the country .

What exactly is Federation of Families of Central Florida?  Muriel Jones, our Executive Director articulates this succinctly:    “We provide support, advocacy and education to children and youth with emotional, behavioral and mental health challenges and their families in Central Florida.  We advocate in local systems for the rights of families, children and youth. We collaborate with other family-serving organizations to transform mental health care in Central Florida, and we inform policy at local and state levels on needs and rights of families, children and youth.”
Without a doubt, Cherilyn Rowland Petrie embodies the essence of this mission.

Space Coast No-Fee EMDR Study Group

This new group is hosted by three therapist with stellar
qualifications: Jackie Flynn, Ed.S., LMHC, RPT,  is a EMDR Certified Therapist and a Consultant-in-Training.  Suna Clinchard, M.S., LMFT, is a Certified EMDR Theraist and Sandra B. Stanford, LMHC, is also an EMDR Certified Therapist and a Consultant-in-Training.

Counseling in Brevard, LLC
100 Harrison Street Suite 201A
Cocoa, FL 32922
Last Monday of every month from 9:30 – 11:00 am beginning January 29, 2018.

More information

Events from Connect

January 12 – 13, 2018
12 EMDRIA credits
Presented by Reg Morrow Robinson.

EMDR Therapy  Basic Training: Rollins College, Winter Park, FL
Friday, January 19 – 20, 2018 part 1 and March 16 -18, 2018 part 2
This course is the EMDR Institute program and includes the full training and consultation hours. Trainers: Reg Morrow Robinson and Claire Mauer

Working with Dissociation and Complex Trauma as an EMDR Therapist, Tallahassee
Friday, February 23.
Presented by Bill Brislin
6 EMDRIA credits

Complex Trauma and EMDR Advanced Consultation Group
Begins January 15, 2018
This group meets for 10 months and is for EMDRIA certified therapists.
Bill Brislin and Reg Morrow Robinson facilitate this group.
You may attend in person or via WEbEx.

Consultation for EMDR Therapy is also available

  • 10 hour Basic
  • 20 hours for EMDRIA Certification
  • 20 hours for EMDRIA Consultant in Training
Connect EMDR Training and Consulting: Local Learning for Global Healing

Cultural Competence and EMDR Study Group

Come Join the Book Study Group
beginning February 9, 2018
10 months (2nd Friday of each Month)
1061 Maitland Center Commons Blvd Maitland, FL 32751

Why Join?
Increase your cultural competency
Learn Practical EMDR applications for your clients Experiential Components
Case Discussions specific to your client’s needs

Cost: $40.00/session
(Discount if sessions are paid in full in advance)

Please contact Jenna Burton at 321-388-6838 / or Debbie Goodwin at 407-260-6181 /

At a Glance

by Mary Beth Griffis

Mary Beth Griffis

Welcome to 2018! We are planning on providing 3 trainings this year so MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

Do to popular demand Bill Brislin has agreed to repeat his R-TEP/G-TEP training April 27th & 28th!  Attendees will earn 12 EMDRIA credits.

As we take steps forward we are encouraged by the continued growth of our community for the past 12 years.  On average at least 20 people attend the no fee study group in Maitland which meets at least 11 times per month. We expect these numbers to increase this year and are excited to welcome the Brevard County no fee study group.  We also saw 2017 add 4 new presenters to Central Florida as well as many new certified clinicians. Our educational trainings in 2017 included one meeting approved for EMDRIA credits as well as social gatherings and 2 CEU approved trainings. On average 48 people attend each training. The diversity of our group is also growing, We now have clinicians specializing in dissociation, sexual abuse, child therapy, marriage and family therapy, sexual addiction and sex therapy.

As all communities that grow, our members are increasing the reach. Reg Morrow Robinson and Claire Mauer have established a new organization called Connect EMDR Training and Consulting. We are excited about this new venture and grateful for the enrichment they will bring to our community!

Joan Liberman

We have a new writer this newsletter. Thank you Joan Liberman for your wonderful article on Dora Henderson!  We are hoping Joan’s  column, Our Community, will be a regular highlight in the months to come. If you know of anyone you would like Joan to highlight you can contact her at

Jackie Flynn

Many thanks  also to  Jackie Flynn who wrote our book review. If you have read a good book that has application to EMDR, please contact Marina Lombardo @

The EMDRIA International Conference is in Atlanta this year, October 4-7th, 2018. Since it is so close to home we are anticipating many of our local folks to attend.

We are grateful YOU are a part of our GOEMDRIAN community. If you have questions or concerns you may contact me.

Mary Beth Griffis MA LMHC
Regional Coordinator Co-chair

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